For Professionals

Legal reports

We have experienced psychologists at our clinic who prepare:

1. Criminal Reports, assessments and treatment:

Psychological characteristics, level and quality of motivation, personality traits, psychopathology, and historical behavioural patterns often have significant bearing on legal issues, and the outcome of a case may rest on the expert testimony regarding an offender’s psychological profile.

Assessment begins with a review of available records including medical and mental health treatment records, previous psychiatric and psychological evaluations, complaints, other legal records, and personnel records. After an intensive personal interview a psychological evaluation is made which is based on objective and well-validated personality and cognitive tests, a thorough history obtained from the client, and a current mental status assessment.

Dr Janet Hall has a unique way of summarizing the case based on recommendations by Justice Smallwood.

2. Family Reports for the Family Court and the Federal Magistrates Court:

Family Reports are prepared along the following guidelines:

  • Summary of all legal documentation provided by both parties’ legal representatives
  • Separate individual and/or conjoint interviews of parents
  • Individual interview/s of child/children
  • Interview with individual parent and child/children
  • Additional interviews as required (ie step parents, grandparents, teachers)

Your RHP expert therapists in this area is: Dr Janet Hall