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Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation where the conscious mind is focused on allowing the unconscious mind to be experienced in an expanded awareness.

In this state, you can use imagination and respond to positive suggestions in a creative and productive way. Hypnosis is natural, safe and can be learned by people of all ages to enhance their lives. It should be used with respect and concern for optimum success (for instance do not listen to a CD with hypnotic suggestions when driving a motor vehicle).

Hypnosis is not mind control by an unethical person. In fact the aim should be a strengthening of your own will, personal power and confidence. You will not be made to do things you would normally not do (eg. bark like a dog!).

You are not asleep in hypnosis, just in a trance. Hypnosis is not a miracle cure where you take no responsibility for positive change. It is a way of harnessing inner strength to achieve what is naturally good for you.

Your hypnotherapist is trained to ‘induce’ the hypnotic state. This involves getting you to relax deeply, both mentally and physically. Sometimes this involves direct methods such as ‘eye fixation’, hand levitation or counting. Some people respond more easily to indirect methods where the therapist may seem to ‘just talk’ but is actually weaving powerful positive suggestions into the ‘talk’.

A good subject for hypnosis is someone who is willing to believe in their own inherent ability for positive change. If you can commit to a worthwhile outcome you are a likely subject.

Your RHP expert hypnotherapists are: Dr Janet Hall or Alexandra Augustine.