Richmond Hill Psychology offers a broad range of programs to help individuals and couples through sexual and relationship difficulties. These issues are handled with care, privacy and understanding.

Solving sex drive conflicts

The Facts about Mismatched Desire

  • A man’s sexual interest typically peaks at age 18, a woman’s peaks at 30.
  • 31% of couples surveyed reported a discrepancy between partners desire for sex.

Common Difficulties With Mismatched Desire

  • One partner makes the other partner wrong, and this leads to resentment and bitter defensiveness, and finally: FIGHTS!
  • The person with the higher libido seeks sexual relief with sexual practices which do NOT fit with their partner’s values. E.g. pornographic material, brothels, table top dancing.

Common Obstacles to Solving Sex-Drive Conflicts

  • People don’t know HOW to talk about sex.
  • People don’t know WHEN to talk about sex.

How to spark up your sex life

Common difficulties with a Predictable Sex-Life

  • The boredom trap that couples can fall into.
  • Traditional expectations about couples and about male and female roles.

Suggestive solutions and novel ideas for keeping the excitement in your sex life.

  • Learn to avoid the stresses which limit sex
  • List provocative and pleasurable ways to keep your love life sizzling

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