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Premature ejaculation

The Fact about Premature Ejaculation

  • You are not alone: 38% of men experience problems with lasting in sex as long as they/their partner wants to before they ejaculate.


Two Common Difficulties with Premature Ejaculation

  • Unsure about sexual technique
  • Have no control over ejaculation

The most Common Obstacles to Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

  • Anxious about sexual performance
  • Thinking it will improve with time

Achieving and maintaining erection

The Facts about Achieving and Maintaining Erection

  • You are not alone: 10% of men experience problems achieving or maintaining an erection.
  •  Causes: Erection problems can have either medical or psychological causes (or both!)

Two Common Difficulties to Achieving and Maintaining Erections


  • Avoiding sex ‘just in case’ your penis will not perform
  • Feeling embarrassed, angry, inadequate and frustrated

The most Common Obstacles to Achieving and Maintaining Erections

  • Anxious about your relationship
  • Shame about not performing

How to spark up your woman’s sexual desire

The Facts about Lack of Desire in Women

  • Some women feel so stressed from the demands of their multiple roles – especially mothering children – that they lose their sexual desire. Sex is perceived as ‘just one more chore’.
  • A woman who is not orgasmic may have an initial interest in sex. But once ‘she catches her bus’ and is in a relationship, her desire dwindles away. She thinks it’s OK – after all what does she get out of it?


Two Common Difficulties for the Man whose Woman has Lost Her Desire

  • Finding the right time to talk to her about it
  • Not knowing the right way to talk to her about it

The most Common Obstacles to Overcoming Her Lack of Desire

  • He becomes so fearful of rejection that he stops asking for sex and pretends he doesn’t need it.
  • He becomes so desperate for sex that he begs and nags her.

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